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Online Repository

Wheeler Reporting's Online Repository gives you free 24 hour access to transcripts and exhibits and it houses your complete deposition calendar along with other pertinent data about your litigation practice.

With a secure login and password and online access to the internet, you are in complete control of your deposition database whenever and wherever you need it.

What can you expect from Wheeler Reporting's Online Repository?

  • All your deposition files ready to download for offline reading, printing or emailing to co-counsel or expert witnesses.
  • Your Calendar: Every deposition scheduled with our office will appear on your calendar, complete with details.
  • Transcript Database: Every transcript you order will be available in a downloadable form, paired with all exhibits.
  • Exhibit Management: All of your exhibits are available and paired with the transcript. No more chasing exhibits.
  • Case Library: Your entire case library at a glance, transcripts complete with exhibits, signature letters, errata and filing notices.
  • Case Calendar: Even when you aren't the scheduling attorney, you'll see each assignment scheduled with our office in cases in which you appear.
  • Online Scheduling: Choose a case or enter a new case, schedule online all in realtime. You'll receive our acknowledgement within one business day.
As managing attorney, if you choose, we can arrange for your paralegal or support professional to have access to your files for even more control and support of your litigation.

At Wheeler, we believe strongly that our job is to make your job easier. Our online repository is just another way we try to do that.

For a complete demonstration, or to sign up for your account, contact us at
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